Procvičování:ECG (1. LF UK EN)

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This page is dedicated to practicing ECG graphs for the pregradual subject of physiology. You are asked to assess these parameters:

  • Rhythm (sinus/non sinus)
  • Regularity (regular/irregular – both sinus and non sinus rhythms can be regular or irregular)
  • Heart rate (when irregular, use a range)
  • PQ and QRS intervals (in miliseconds or range if irregular)
  • Heart axis (semiquantitatively – left deviation, horizontal, semihorizontal, intermedial, semivertical, right deviation)
  • Differences from the physiological curve (You do not need to know the reason, though we mention it for information. You are only supposed to answer the question, whether this curve is physiological for a resting patient. If not, how does it differ.)

This page does not serve as a place for practicing the pathological states of the heart.

If you can't see the curve well enough, you can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

The original czech descriptions of these curves have been checked by the head of the physiology department of LF1, prof. Kittnar. Text in italics was added after the translation, thus is has not been checked yet.